For the Love of Reading

Porter, Lydia and Canon Redwine stand next to the new "Little Free Library Shop" that has been placed in downtown Throckmorton.
Porter, Lydia and Canon Redwine stand next to the new "Little Free Library Shop" that has been placed in downtown Throckmorton.

Throckmorton County has been "put on the map" once again for a reason that will add to the list of good things our community has to offer. Throckmorton is now officially a member of the Little Free Library Shop Organization, which includes all fifty states, 70 countries, and over 40,000 communities around the world that have joined in on the movement of promoting literacy.

The movement got its start in Hudson, Wisconsin, when in 2009 a man named Todd Bol decided to build a small model of a one room school house as a tribute to his mother who was a school teacher and loved to read. He filled it with books, put it on a post and placed in his front yard. He then added a sign that said, "Free books". The idea was well received by his neighbors and Bol built 12 more free libraries and gave them away. Rick Brooks of the University of Wisconsin at Madison who was a youth and community development educator with experience in social marketing saw Bol’s project and the potential for social enterprises. The two men were inspired by several ideas, one of them being Andrew Carnegie and his support for 2,509 free public libraries at the turn of the 19th century. In fact, they made it their goal to establish the same number of libraries as Carnegie and hopefully more with the help of stewards around the world.

Fast forward to 2016, in Electra, TX. Kelly Bowlin (mother of Ashley Redwine, and former Throckmorton community member) learned about the Little Free Library Shop while in Ft. Worth.  At first passing, she thought it was a big bird house in a yard, but after asking her husband Steve to circle the block, she found out it was a small free library. She researched the information she found online about LFL and especially liked the fact that it would benefit her town and its children. She decided she wanted to bring LFL to her city of Electra so she commissioned the help of her father, Jim Millsap, who is a skilled carpenter. The father and daughter team quickly placed five free libraries in Electra.

Kelly's daughter, Ashley, who teachers first grade at Throckmorton ISD, decided she wanted to bring a library to Throckmorton and with the help of her parents and grandparents, did just that.  As a steward to the organization, Ashley was responsible for finding a location for the library and online registration. She approached community member Trent McKnight about placing the library downtown in front of the old theater which is owned by McKnight. He gladly agreed and the Little Free Library had its needed home. Now that the library is in place, she will continue to make sure that it is always full of books. Ashley says she has already been contacted by several citizens who would like to donate books for the cause. She encourages others to always use the Depot Library but feels this will be a fun way to spark readers' interest and lead them to all of the other books that the Depot has to offer. She also commented that since the Little Free Library was a worldwide organization, readers that participate in the location map found on the internet, will know that when traveling through our town, they can make a stop and pick up a new book and even leave one if they like.

The Little Free Library Organization has been on the pages of Better Homes and Gardens, Oprah Winfrey’s O! Magazine, The Rotarian, and Midwest Living. Called a "global movement by the New York Times, The Huffington Post, and others, it has been recognized by the Library of Congress for promoting literacy and the love of reading. It is a 501 (c) (3) organization and those interested in learning more can go to, Facebook, or Twitter. The organization also has a Pintrest page for those that would like ideas on building a library and for stewardship.






THS Homecoming 2016 Amended Schedule


It’s time to contact former classmates, pack our bags, and get ready to come home for the 2016 THS Homecoming Celebration. Plans are under way to make this Homecoming memorable for all who attend. Mark your calendar for September 30th and October 1st and 2nd. The theme for this year’s event is “Western Heritage”.

The week-end activities will be as follows:

Wednesday, September 28th- Bonfire behind Greyhound Football Stadium 8:30 PM

Friday afternoon, September 30th, the pep rally beginning at 2:45 in the gym.

Then the Throckmorton Greyhounds host the Saint Jo Panthers at 7:30p.m. at Greyhound Stadium. Pre-game activities will begin at 7 p.m.

Saturday- 8:00 a.m. Greg Scarlett Memorial Scholarship Golf Scramble at the Throckmorton Country Club. Contact TC Redwine or Jay Gage to enter.

7 a.m. – 9 a.m. Pancake breakfast at Senior Citizens Building.

9:30 a.m. – Downtown Registration will begin in front of the Throckmorton City Hall Office. Look for the sign.

10 a.m. - Homecoming Parade – the parade will begin at the south part of town and travel north through downtown. Participants meet at the Little League Baseball Field at 9:30 a.m. Floats, antique cars, ATV’s, horses, and any other modes of transportation are invited to participate. Prizes will be awarded at the business meeting to the best entries in the parade. Coming Home Queen Nominees will ride on a float in the parade.

11:00 a.m. - Art Show @ Depot Library

11:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Bar-B-Q Lunch at the school cafeteria catered by David Fowler. Price for the meal is $11.00 for adults / $5.00 for children under 10.

12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. – Registration will continue at the high school.

1:30 p.m. – Ex-Students Business Meeting – at the High School Auditorium. Classes will be honored with the roll count. The class with the highest attendance will earn “bragging rights”. The Coming Home Queen will be crowned, and the Distinguished Alumnus will be recognized. The classes of ’65, ’66, and ’67 will be honored for their “50th year”. We would like for them to sit in the first three rows of the auditorium during the business meeting. Since Homecoming is only every other year, we would like to begin this tradition by honoring these 3 classes.

Class Parties

Class of 1952-1959 immediately following the business meeting in the home of Lois Jean Timmons.

Classes of 1976-1979 will celebrate 40 years with visiting at Lazy T Lodge after the business meeting and dinner at 6:00 p.m.

Classes of 1967 to 1971 will celebrate at Tomile Parrott Lowery's house located 8 miles east of Throckmorton, one mile past Byron Parrott's house. Light snacks and soft drinks will be provided, BYOB. All spouses and any other friends are invited. Contact Byron at 940-256-5656 or Tomile at 254-396-3701.

Parties will be held immediately following the business meeting. Please notify us so we can help spread the word about your class parties. A list will be compiled and publicized.

8 p.m. to 11 p.m. – Dance under the stars downtown at the courthouse with DJ Mark Duncan. Admission will be FREE.

Sunday, October 2nd at 10 a.m. – Church Service downtown with all denominations invited. Coffee and Breakfast rolls will be served. Come enjoy the music and message.

12 Noon - Donation lunch at Imprint Ministries to raise funds for continued help for area needs. Delicious Mexican food will be served.

Many people are working to make this a memorable weekend. Please mark your calendar and contact old friends. We look forward to seeing each of you on September 30th and October 1st and 2nd.




Countywide Polling Approved by State

Throckmorton County has been approved by the Secretary of State’s Office for the use of Countywide Polling Places as per Section 43.007 of the Texas Election Code. According to Eva Duke, the county Elections Administrator and Voter Registrar, instead of having to vote in their home precinct, a registered voter will be able to vote at any Vote Center in the County. Vote Centers will be implemented in two phases. In phase one, which will be in effect for the November 8, 2016, General Election, four Vote Centers will be available to registered voters of Throckmorton County, one in Woodson, one in Elbert and two in Throckmorton.

In 2017, we will go to phase 2 of the transition, which will bring the county down to three permanent Vote Centers for each election thereafter, with one vote center being in each town in the county. The use of Vote Centers should make election day easier for voters and election workers alike, and save the county money. And even though voters from different precincts will be voting at the same Vote Centers, precinct totals and turnouts as well as precinct specific elections such as commissioner’s races will still be kept separate by the voting machines. 

And, just as a reminder, the deadline to register to vote for the upcoming November 8, 2016 General Election is October 11th  and the deadline to apply for an absentee ballot by mail is Oct. 28th. To be qualified for a ballot by mail a registered voter must be either 65 years old or older, disabled, or expected to be absent  from the county during early voting and on election day. Contact Eva Duke at her office at 940-849-8825 to receive either application, or go online to




Don't Miss Meet the Greyhounds


Cow Country Christmas Set to be a Winter Wonderland

It is once again time to bundle up and come downtown for a fun night of food, fellowship,shopping, and a church service for the Christmas season, all done in traditional Cow Country Style! This year's theme is "Believe in His WONDERland" and the committee has chosen to adorn the down-town area using the decorations of the late Paul and Glorene Wolf. For years, the couple enjoyed thrilling the children of Throckmorton by decorating their yard for all to see.

 The evening is set to begin at 5:15 with a group of Throckmorton Elementary students performing Christmas songs, local shop prize drawings, an "Ugly Sweater Contest", and live entertainment. ( see the schedule on page     )

The Winter Wonderland will allow a place for kids to play and enjoy the night while parents shop! The admission to get in is one item for the food pantry. There will be games, face painting, crafts and Santa!

Imprint Ministry will be the place to find delicious stew, beans, and cornbread cooked by Mr. David Farquhar. Pictures with Santa will be taken by Lisa Everett in the Winter Wonderland and shopping with local and surrounding area vendors will also be available.  

The night will end with a live Nativity performed by the Church of Christ, smores, and music.


Cowboys Named to All-District Teams

Numerous Cowboys were named to the District 12A, Div. II Six Man Football All-District Teams.

1st Team Offense: Spreadback – Stetson McPherson, Sr; Tight Ends – Justin Pollei, Sr; 1st Team Defense: Linemen – Will Roberts, So; Safeties – Stetson McPherson, Sr; 2nd Team Offense: Zach Diaz, Sr; Will Roberts, So; Spread Center – Jayden Cheyne, So; Utility Back - Anthony Long, Jr; 2nd Team Defense: Noseguard – Logan Shahan, Sr; Linebackers – Jayden Cheyne, So; Utility Player – Anthony Long, Jr;

Academic All-District: Justin Pollei, Sr; Logan Shahan, Sr; Anthony Long, Jr;

All-Star Representatives: 1st Alternate – Stetson McPherson,


Greyhounds Named to All-District Teams

1st Team Offense: Running Back - Roby Rankin, So., Fullback – Robert Jorgenson, Jr., Tight Ends – Parker Boyd, Sr., Tight Center – Keith Balthrop, Sr., Kicker – Keith Balthrop, Sr., 1st Team Defense: Noseguard – Keith Balthrop, Sr., Linemen – Robert Jorgenson, Jr., Linebackers – Ray Cortez, So., Cornerbacks – Roby Rankin, So., Punter – Adam Dennis, Jr., 2nd Team Offense: Wide Receivers – Adam Dennis, Jr., Utility Back – Ray Cortez, So., Special Teams Player – Wade Jones, So., 2nd Team Defense: Linemen – Wade Jones, So., Safeties – Ethan Jimenez, Jr., Utility Player – Zach Stapp, Fr.,

Academic All-District Team: (The guidelines for selection is based on grades from the 2nd six weeks grading period only. Students must be varsity players and have a 90 average in all subjects, with no grade lower than 85.) Keith Balthrop, Sr, Luke Hale, Sr, Adam Dennis, Jr,

All-Star Representatives: 2nd Alternate – Keith Balthrop,